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Peek Into the Pages of Their Past

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Angst. Awkwardness. Insight. The makers of Mortified have teamed with Sundance Channel to create The Mortified Sessions, an offbeat interview series that invites our favorite pop culture personalities to unearth their most embarrassing childhood artifacts (old diaries, letters, art, lyrics) and discuss what those reveal about who they've become. Join Mortified founder Dave Nadelberg for an unusual and intimate conversation that examines: are the secrets of success buried in the pages of our awkward past?

with guest busy phillips
Busy Phillips shares a photo to Mortified founder Dave Nadelberg
credit: Chris Ragazzo

Guests for season two include:

  • Mark Duplass (The Puffy Chair)
  • Busy Phillips (Cougar Town)
  • Marc Maron (WTF podcast)
  • Gillian Jacobs (Community)
  • Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan)
  • Jason Ritter (Parenthood)
  • Tig Notaro (This American Life, Comedy Cental Presents)
  • Kristin Bauer (True Blood)
  • Matt Walsh (Veep, UCB co-founder)
  • Rachael Harris (Daily Show, Hangover)

Guests for season one include:

  • Ed Helms (The Office, Hangover)
  • Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Argo)
  • Cheryl Hines (Emmy nominee, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Suburgatory)
  • Eric Stonestreet (Emmy winner, Modern Family)
  • Blake Mycoskie (Founder of TOM's Shoes, Bestselling author)
  • Mo'nique (Oscar winner, Precious)
  • Paul Feig (Bridesmaids director, Freaks & Geeks creator)
  • Alanis Morissette (7x Grammy winner)
  • Nick Offerman (Parks & Rec)
  • Megan Mullally (Will & Grace, Party Down)
  • Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing)
  • Ed Burns (Sundance award winner, Brothers McMullen)
  • Ricky Schroder (Silver Spoons, The Champ)
  • Danny Pudi (Community)
  • Will Forte (SNL, 30 Rock, MacGruber)
  • more

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with guest Gillian Jacobs

Find out what guests Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) and Gillian Jacobs (Community) put inside our shoebox.
Credits: Carl Bringas (L), Chris Ragazzo (R)

Q: Is the TV show like the stage show?
A: The Mortified Sessions is not intended as an adaptation of our stage show, Mortified Live. It's an interview series. As with our books or other projects, The Mortified Sessions is a companion piece that exists as its own thing.

posterQ: Will there ever be a screen adaptation of the live stage show?
A: YES! The stage show is the focus of Mortified Nation, a traveling documentary that captures our live readings in various cities. The film marks the first time we'll be able to truly share the stage show, in all its awkward glory, with a wider audience.

Q: How can I find out more about The Mortified Sessions TV show?
A: Visit the TV series' official Sundance Channel page or its official Facebook page, both run by Sundance. Or spread the word with Mortified's own Facebook and Twitter (@Mortified). We're a growing show on a growing network and need your cheerleading.

Q: Can I watch the series if I don't get Sundance Channel?
A: There are web clips available on Sundance's official series page. And you can download season 1 on iTunes. Need helping find the channel # on your TV? Type your zipcode into this simple tool to locate Sundance's # on your TV service.

Why let famous people have all the the fun? Throw a Mortified Potluck Party-- invite some friends over to watch an episode of The Mortified Sessions, then conduct your own "session" with them afterward! BYO artifacts. How it works:

Want to up the ante? Place bets beforehand on which friend will bring the most mortifying artifact.And if you hosted a Mortified Sessions Potluck Party, we'd love to know! Post a pic of your friends with the shoebox on Facebook or Twitter. #MortifiedSessions