Opportunities & Internships

We are seeking people for these opportunities on an on-going basis. Even if we have enough people, it’s good to have people on file to consider should spaces open up.

On-Site Internships

Spending a semester in Los Angeles? Become part of the Mortified team, working largely on production of The Mortified Podcast (and occasionally other projects when they arise). This internship is ideal for anyone with interest/background in the following — audio recording/editing, documentary production, comedy or storytelling. This is not a mindless errands-running internship. It is in an opportunity that involves hands-on production (proofreading, audio editing, logging) and involves your creative input collaborating with a very small team. Although flexible, the internship is typically 3-4 days a week. Must be in Los Angeles. Compensation includes college course credits plus free access to shows (age permitted) and other perks.

Off-Site Opportunities

We occasionally have need for people to contribute remotely from home or at live events. At the moment, there are no clear needs however that can often change in an instant.

Other Ways to Get Involved

From time to time, we are contacted by professionals (such as photographers, graphic designers, publicists, lawyers, programmers, coders) who wish to contribute their skills. If you are interested in contributing on any level, let us know.