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Witness a night of adults telling stories about their lives by sharing their most mortifying childhood artifacts (diaries, letters, lyrics, poems, home movies)… in front of total strangers.

Mortified Live has grassroots “chapters” in multiple cities worldwide– some locations are monthly, others are only a few times a year. Occasionally, we also do special events in other locations. Receive monthly(ish) updates on shows via our newsletter.

Upcoming Events

Sat Nov 21 Mortified Presents: AngstGiving Online 6:00PM PST Details
Mortified Presents: AngstGiving
Sat Nov 21 @ 6:00PM PST

Current Chapters

Within the US: Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC/Baltimore, Denver, LA, NYC, Portland, San Fran Bay (SF, Oakland, North Bay)

Beyond the US: Amsterdam, Dublin, Helsinki, London, Malmo, Oslo, Paris, Trondheim