Want to know how to connect with your audience? Your customers? Your clients? Find out by booking Mortified’s Storytelling Workshop at your organization.

Learn about storytelling from the makers of Mortified with this informative and fun workshop. Storytelling isn’t just a tool for writers. It’s a powerful tool for anyone– marketers, lawyers, researchers, salespeople, ministers, CEOs– that can help transform how you connect with customers. Find out why organizations including Eventbrite, Cartoon Network, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and The Future of Storytelling Summit have sought Mortified’s storytelling expertise for their private events. Mortified’s Storytelling Workshop runs 90 minutes and is open to those of any discipline.

“The Mortified storytelling workshop was an amazing experience for our team of writers at Eventbrite. The team gained a new perspective on how to use storytelling to better engage our audience, and had a great time doing it. Mortified’s founder, Dave, was an engaging, enthusiastic facilitator who had everyone in the room spellbound. And laughing!”
–Maddie, Content Manager, Eventbrite

“The talk really made me realize the importance of human motivation in stories. I love looking at stories that way because it helps to think of how the world could be if everyone was as obsessed with stories as much as I am. It’s a great talk to bring coworkers closer together, and helps frame the failures of our past in a way we can use for the future.”
– Liz, Development Department Assistant, Cartoon Network Studios

“The workshop helped me to realize that awkward moments can make the most interesting stories and those stories are the ones that usually connect people the most. The CONNECTION is the very thing that makes any story awesome so therefore awkward moments are indeed AWESOME MOMENTS!”
– Audra, Recording Studio Coordinator, Cartoon Network Studios