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Now Seeking You:

Dust off that diary! Unearth those letters! Mortified Live is always seeking new participants (22 and older) to share the embarrassing stuff they created as kids– journals, letters, poems, lyrics, art, home movies, plays. Become part of the Mortified community, the largest and longest-running project of its kind since 2002.

Submit a request to meet with our local curators in cities worldwide. Our curators can even meet you via Skype (please mention this in your request) if you select a city that you are willing to visit for a future show. As celebrated by This American Life, Entertainment Weekly, Time, The Guardian, All Things Considered, and Wired. Read below to discover how it works.


Currently in: Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC/Baltimore, Detroit, Denver, Dublin,  Helsinki, Los Angeles, London, Malmo, NYC, Oslo, Paris, Portland, San Fran/Oakland, Sonoma, Trondheim, & The Twin Cities.

Don’t see your city listed? Select “Mortified Podcast” instead of a city below and we might interview you over the phone and include it in an upcoming episode.

Want to see Mortified in other cities? Our  Beta cities initiative is designed to help us reach more locations based on their demand.

Don’t Speak English?

Good news. We’ve created non-English language pages for participants of our events in France, Norway, & Sweden, and The Netherlands. (Finnish page coming.)

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How it Works:

Our Curating Process from Page to Stage

You dig up some of your old embarrassing childhood artifacts (old letters, lyrics, journals, cassettes, artwork, plays, videos, even old blogs).

You request a producer’s session on the form on this page.

We meet up and help you identify excerpts & a backstory that our audience will love.

You share the results on stage.

Someone in the audience returns home, inspired to unearth their own stuff! (Fun, eh?)

Helpful Tips:

Stuff to Know Before We Meet Up


  • Please flag 5-8 excerpts that you’re embarrassed to admit you wrote.  When we meet up, those will give us a very helpful starting place. That said, we’ll wander around your pages and hear other stuff you brought, too– so bring as much as you can but earmark 5-8 excerpts first.
  • Consider these rules of thumb if overwhelmed by what to flag. (1) Look for entries where the author was passionate or dramatic about what they wrote– whether they’re angry or elated. Those tend to be the most embarrassing, or at least the most captivating. (2) Ask yourself, why does this embarrass me to share with strangers? Identifying that context beforehand can help us hear what makes it mortifying.
  • Know that some of our best stuff takes a few sessions in order for us to help people find stuff. We don’t reject anyone–it’s merely a matter of finding enough excerpts that work for our needs. If we don’t find enough stuff initially, the door is always open to come back and share more. We’ll even give tips on what to find based on what already seemed to work. Everyone has something– it’s just a question of finding enough.
  • Be aware we spend hours and hours working with each participant in the weeks (or months) prior to an event in order  to help identify material that our audience will love. It’s a strange but fun process. We’re really good at playing detective and helping you spot the stuff you’re too close to see.
  • Remember, there are lots of nuances to what makes the stuff we wrote as kids funny to adults. There are no strict rules for what works.


  • No need to make stuff up. The fun of our show is that we’re using excerpts from actual childhood mementos and framing them with a true life backstory. If you want to write something from scratch, there are plenty of other great projects  (ie. The Moth, Story League, Backfence) that are much better suited for writing an essay today about a true life experience.
  • Don’t sweat it. This is not an audition or a tryout. Our curating process is not about judging your talents– our goal is to simply help you find stuff. When we find enough material that matches our needs, we invite you on stage. When we don’t, we suggest ways to find more and offer to meet again. It’s that simple. As for stage experience, we don’t care if you’re a comedian or a librarian (and if anything, we prefer the latter). Someone’s credits has little bearing on whether our audience will enjoy them. It’s very democratic– which is actually part of the fun.
  • For many reasons, we prefer you don’t look for storylines or themes before we meet– just hunt for stuff that you’re embarrassed to admit you wrote. Even if it jumps from topic to topic. We’ll help you find a way to make it all connect as a story AFTER we find excerpts that make strangers laugh. There’s a few reasons for this suggestion. (1.) We’ll probably stumble upon a different storyline that you didn’t originally recognize– esp. since you’re so close to the material. (2.) We don’t want you to omit funny stuff for sake of a perceived theme. (3.) We can always “mine” story from comedic moments but not the other way around.
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